Board Members Search

The Board of Directors forms a key piece for the right company governance. The Board composition and the complementariety of its members are key elements to get the proper functionability, adding a real value.

The appropiate election of the independent and non independent Board members has become therefore fundamental for the right governance of medium and big Companies, and their presence it is each time more needed, for internal reasons of the company and for their strategic decisions on a competitive and changing business environment.

The search of Board members walks a similar path as the search of top executives, and the Firm Partners with Board membership experience are the ones to take this responsibility. These Managing Partners know and are well connected with key Board members and executives of different industry sectors. Our personal and business contacts and relationships give us the approach to the most qualified talent.

We search Board members
• With proven experience and public knowledge reputation and independency.
• Adding value, reaching the necessary diversity in a Board.
• Ready to a firm commitment with the project.
• Able to bring in value.
• Helping the long term company strategy.