Executive Search

From the beguinning of Robert Allen, Executive search has been the main activity of our Firm, and starting from there we have enlarged our services, to better take care of the requests coming from our Clients, and from the marketplace.

Our mission is to find out the best professional and personal profile that fits into the company's management needs. In this process, the key issue is to know deeply the company client culture; only coming from this deep knowledge of the Company situation and needs, it is possible to bring the Professional that better will fit with the company values, challenges, strategic goals and management style, to best guarantee the final success, by satisfying both parties.

Satisfaction of both Companies and Professionals is the main goal of our search processes, and this is the best long term guaranty of success for both parties. In this sense, our Firm also has as a strong commitment with the Candidates, as the evaluation should fit goals and responsabilities with his/her capabilities, and these challenges should mean a professional development for him/her.