Succession Planning 

in the Family-Owned Companies

Succession Planning in the family-owned companies

Robert Allen-Horton, through its methodology and the experience that its Partners hold on family-owned companies, not only in executive search but also as Board members in Family-owned Companies, provides value added advice to collaborate with the Family Company in:

Succession Planning

We provide experience and professional advice to ensure the successful transition at top management level. The succession between two generations needs to work out a process the most objective as possible, to designate the most appropriate family member to become an executive of the Family Company, when there are other family members in executive positions.

Bringing Talent in

When the family-owned Company decides that the family members will remain at the Board of Directors, to take care of the Company governance, and that the management of the Company will be managed by persons external to the family, our experience analyzing and identifying, the family company values and culture, give us the possibility to search and introduce Candidates, not only able to manage successfully the Company, but also with the skills and characteristics that fit to with the Company's values and culture.