An expert Senior Consultant Leadership 

Robert Allen is a global boutique specialized on the Board members and Executives Search. We make the difference through our selected and taylor-made way of working: each mission gets through one of the Managing Partners personally, who takes his/her responsibility from the beginning till the end.

Our Managing Partners have a strong experience in their own specialization, as they got first an important professional experience as top executive managers in different companies and sectors before becoming senior Consultants, and they have a wide experience in executive search, that makes easier to fully understand the needs and characteristics of the Client company. Therefore they have a deep understanding of the company, its competitive rules, the key executives, and access to high qualified information sources in the different sectors.

Avoiding off limits

As the target is to guaranty a quality service to all parties, we self-limit the number of yearly searches per Consultant and the number of Clients per sector.

The size of the Firm makes possible that could stand working for a limited number of Clients on the different industry sectors, avoiding like this off limits problems quite common on the bigger size Firms, that cannot search candidates in a big number of good Companies, as they are their Clients.

Value proposition