About us

Robert Allen was established in Spain in 1989 and belongs to a network with presence in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. It specializes in Executive Search and Management assessment at high levels within a wide range of industry sectors, as well as at the Board level. Its activity is focused on the Executive Search, the Management Audit and by offering Coaching, as an executive development support.

We are a generalistic Boutique, that utilizes its wide experience in many different economic sectors, and offers an outstanding consultative advice based on the quality of its consultants, the excellence of its search processes and the use of global resources.

The Client first

Our Firm holds a wide range of clients: Companies with all sizes, family owned or public, and other institutions.

Board Members and Executive Search 

One of the most important decisions in a company it is to appoint a Board of Directors member or a Key senior executive : to make the right choice makes the difference to improve company's results.

Robert Allen delivers its biggest added value in those searches where the company can not fail.

Management Consultants

Adding value to the Executive Search, its core business, Robert Allen-Horton offers other services that help companies to be better managed. We provide Management Audit to executive teams (before or after the acquisition of a company, or when the Board wishes to verify its executive team way of settledown), and we give support, by individual Coaching, to the key executive development skills. We also help family-owned companies in their Succession planning and professionalization.

On this way, our Firm offers an integrated support to its clients in order to recruit, assess, develop and retain talent.

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In Uncertain Times, the Best Strategy Is Adaptability

by Michael Mankins

Companies everywhere labor under the illusion that the key to a great strategy is a good handle on the future. But meteorologist Edward Lorenz demonstrated that small differences can have massive consequences or none at all, which means that unless you have a perfect, complete picture of existing conditions, forecasting the future with any precision is impossible. Instead, advises Bain's Michael Mankins, companies should focus on making themselves better able to cope with unexpected changes. For strategy, that involves instilling an adaptive mindset among managers, building in flexibility into operations, creating dynamic plans.

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source: Harvard Business Review

Artificial intelligence, real leadership

Will artificial intelligence force us to rethink business in the decades to come, or will it fall short of all the hype? Here, a look at what executives need to know.

https://insightreports.iese.edu/en/artificial-intelligence-real-leadership/ source: IESE

Javier Beneyto, Managing Director of Robert Allen- IMD participates in the panel on women in councils

The Woman Forward Foundation aims to promote female leadership, creating a more equitable and egalitarian society, more competitive companies and a more sustainable society. 

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